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Captain Darksides Treasure Chest Fan Box's


 Raiders Captain Darkside Treasure Chest Box's are an Awesome Idea for All Raider fans. Makes A Great gift idea. Something us Raider fans will Love to Open and Cherish. The Captain Darkside Treasure Chests include Raiders Shirts, Raider Hats, Raider Merchandise, and a number of other Raider accessories.  Captain Darkside's Treasure Chest Fan Box's are Full of Awesome Raider Gear. They  Come in 8 Sizes To Choose From Small $29.99 Medium $59.99 and Large $99.99, Infants, Kid's and a Special Collectors Box's With Autographed Player Merchandise.

From, Shot Glasses to T-Shirts and Jerseys The Possibilities Are Endless.

When you buy a fan box you are automatically entered in Special Contest's and Giveaways For Life.

PLUS..Some random box's will have a Gold Coin. If you get a Gold Coin in Your Box Your An Instant Winner of Cool Random Raider Gear..

As A Added Bonus every purchase you will receive in your email all the cool, informative and latest breaking Raider News from Raiders Fan Radio, The Raider Ramble and Raider Central every month at NO additional Charge.

Each Captain Darkside Treasure Chest will include random gear with a retail value of 30% higher than what you pay for the Treasure Chest. You could order 100 times and never get the exact same box. *** Only The Collectors Box's Contain Autographed Merchandise***